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Conservation fee (per person):                   Ksh  300                     500                                  1200

Rangers Escort Fee (for group):                  Ksh 6000

The rangers escort fee is only paid if rangers are requested or if they are necessary for a particular hike. These include the Kereita Forest, Sleeping Warrior, Mt. Kipipiri, and Ragia Forest Circuit.

Guiding fee (per 10 people):                         Ksh 2500

If the group is bigger than 10 people, we allocate extra guides at the same cost. The cost is the same for groups less than 10 people as well.

Wilderness Camping

Kereita Wildness Ventures provides you with an opportunity to camp in the forest and mingle with the nocturnal animals as you listen to their night songs and calls. Wilderness camping is only available on some routes, including Kereita Cave and Waterfall, Gatamaiyu Riverline Walk, William Hill and The Kijabe Hill. 

Camping costs: 500 per person with own gears

Renting gears:

Tent (2 person): 500 per night

Sleeping bag: 200 per night

Mattress: 50 shillings (thin)

Park Ranger Supervision:  5000

Park rangers are only needed for camping in Kereita, designated camp sites do not require supervision.

*Although we do not directly provide transportation, we can help arrange it for your group if you let us know in advance. This is also the case for food and snacks.